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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting Caught Up!

I am going to post various pictures of recent happenings. There are some pictures of the fishing derby at Lakeside Park. I took Brett, Braden, and Braden's friend Asher. My mom and Rick went and we all had a picnic, too. There are some pictures of my Fall table. Exciting to me but maybe not to you. In addition, there are some pictures of the first day of school. The girls are freshmen now and Brett is in 4th grade and Braden is in 2nd.


  1. i like their uniforms! haha

    your table looks so cute!! i love decorating for fall, so it's exciting to me!

    that picnic looks fun! you guys are always doing fun things

  2. also, i like your new site layout
    its cute!!