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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grocery Challenge Day #7

This is the last day of the grocery challenge. I made it!! I spent $36.56!!! This DID NOT include drink here or there or the occasional $1 hamburger my husband may have purchased for the kids. This was strictly groceries. I DID NOT eat out AT ALL!!! Today for breakfast was either cereal, pop tarts, toast, and/or applesauce. Lunch was chips/salsa,Cheese Nips, and turkey sandwiches. The afternoon snack was FREE frozen drinks from Long John Silvers and brownies. Dinner will be hamburgers!!!!!!!!! Sit down for this one! Dillon's today....Total before coupons...$79.58.....after coupons....-51, I had to buy a candy bar.grand total .03 cents.


  1. Your killing me here! I wish we had a Dillions! I don't know how you are doing this!