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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grocery Challenge

Okay. So this isn't something exciting to post on this blog I actually created for my kids. However, I don't want to start an additional blog just for me. I am going to try a grocery challenge for our family. I now know how much money I saved in June and July. In June, I saved $700 at the grocery store and in July I saved $813. That doesn't mean I actually would have spent that. I would NEVER buy 25 packages of razors in one shopping trip. However, they were free. So, I am stockpiling a lot of items if they are rock bottom cheap or free. In August, I am going to see how much money I spend on JUST groceries for our family of six. I am actually going to separate the groceries from beauty products, cleaning products, etc. I am hoping we will eat out less and spend less. I will buy what is on sale and cook with that. We have a lot of deer meat in our deep freeze which I haven't used in awhile and I really need to. I am going to try and 'clean out' what we already have. It always seems like there is never anything to eat that I want t cook but I am really going to try and use everything we have. I just have to look around and be creative. My goal is to spend no more than $50 a week on groceries. That would be great considering we spend about $35 if we go out to eat. I will try and post how I am doing. I hope my kids will eat Pop Tarts and cereal because I have stockpiled that in the last two months. I sort of have a menu prepared for 14 days of dinners using mostly what I already have. Hamburger Helper will be making its way to the dinner table made with deer meat. I am going to be able to use some vegetables from a friend's garden for free. That will help. So, here I go!!!

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