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Monday, June 7, 2010


Countryside Christian Church welcomed us with their first day of Vacation Bible School. Both Braden and Brett attended the second session from 2-5. There were about 400 kids total today!! They had so much fun. I am also attaching a picture that shows the great savings I received at Dollar General using coupons. Here is the scenario:

4 boxes of laundry detergent, 7 bottles of Glade air freshener, 9 rolls of Rolaids(how do you spell that?), 2 Old Spice Men's deodorants, 4 Woman's Secret deodorants, 3 bottles of Dawn dish detergent, 1 bottle of Shout laundry stain remover, 1 bottle of Mr. Clean cleaner, and 3, 6 packs of Mando drinks...all for $12. 48 ...using coupons at Dollar General!!!! So exciting!


  1. That's impressive Angela! I have been doing that lately also. It's fun. Your blog looks great. I love the background you chose!

  2. I tried to change the background to a summer one. It is "underneath" this one. I can't seem to fix it.